Mirrored & Shagreen Furniture

Mirrored & Shagreen Furniture

Mirrored & Shagreen Furniture

Our mirrored furniture is blessed with a much-loved 1930s style, reflecting the kind of unique look you would have found in a Hollywood star’s dressing room. This collection also includes gorgeous furniture wrapped in faux shagreen, such as side tables, dressing tables and drawer chests for a unique, lavish appearance.

We’re incredibly honoured to supply this RV Astley collection, which boasts a distinctive character throughout the range, thanks to a fusion of contemporary design and period European styling. Crafted with impeccable attention to detail, our mirrored furniture is also highly practical too, spreading the light around the room to create the illusion of a bigger space. The Art Deco glamour in this collection is clear to see and these are no ordinary pieces of furniture by any means, they’re beautifully designed to make a great statement, complementing bold colours and adding lots of light to your room. Whether you’re looking to add undeniable vintage charm to your bedroom, living room, library or reception room, we have everything you could possibly need to reignite your home with the splendour of the Regency era.

 What is Shagreen?

 Those living in the Regency would have been all too familiar with the material shagreen. To the French, it was ‘chagrin’ and the term essentially referred to an opulent natural material for wrapping upholstery and furniture, but not just any material, it was leather made from the skin of sharks or stingrays! We're now seeing a surge in this appearance once more and thanks to technological advancements and exquisite craftsmanship, we’re able to supply the faux shagreen furniture you see below. The classic stonewashed appearance with incredibly detailed spotting is still clear to see, whilst the textured print finish is placed behind glass for added splendour. 

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Art Deco Etched Table

Discover an Art Deco inspired narrow Hallway table with the natural element of clear glass with a mirrored glass top and decorative etched front detailing that will refle..


Art Deco Hallway Table

Discover an Art Deco inspired narrow Hallway table with the natural element of clear glass with a mirrored glass top and decorative detailing that will reflect the light ..


Augustina Crushed Velvet Double Bed Silver with Mirror

This bed comes with a unique touch of innovation as its amazing texture and chic look makes it highly attractive. The durable material with mirror and silver finish makes..


Augustina Crushed Velvet King Size Bed Silver with Mirror

The bed with its silver color and mirror makes it highly innovative and the king size makes it a luxury furniture to have in your bedroom. The durable frame makes it high..


Augustina Nightstand Mirror 2 Drawer

This perfect piece of furniture in addition to a storage unit also serves as a piece of art with the mirror and architectural design. The architectural frame makes it hig..


Blakely Cube Side Table

Luxurious mirrored side table with inner strips of beveled mirrored glass to reflect the light in multiple directions, finished with a decorative champagne gold frame and..


Blakely Octagonal Side Table

Product Code:701416Colour:MirrorTexture:MirrorMaterial:Mirror , GlassDimensions:43 x 43 x 74 (WxDxH cm)DescriptionLuxurious mirrored octagonal side table with strips of b..


Blakely Three Drawer Cabinet

Product Code:701420Colour:MirrorTexture:MirrorMaterial:Mirror , GlassDimensions:51 x 36 x 63.5 (WxDxH cm)DescriptionElegant mirrored three drawer cabinet with a push open..


Chemy Mirrored Console Table & Mirror Set Furniture -10%

Chemy Mirrored Console Table & Mirror Set Furniture

Infuse your home with the essence of opulence and luxury with our deluxe mirrored console table and round wall mirror. Ordering is very easy, safe and fast. Attributes ..

£999.99 £899.99

Claridge Circle Link 2 Door Cabinet

Product Code:701104Colour:Clear, Champagne GoldTexture:PolishedMaterial:Glass, MDFDimensions:80 x 40 x 80 (WxDxH cm)DescriptionArt Deco Inspired 2 Door Small Cabinet With..


Le Chambon Mirrored Bedside Table

The Le Chambron Mirrored Bedside Table has its look inspired from European design that is crafted from excellent quality workmanship and detailed attention gives it a cla..


Le Chambon Mirrored Dressing Table

The table brings an atmosphere of elegance with subtle details that create the effect of spaciousness in the room. The two drawers present in the dressing table are meant..


Berlin Mirrored & Black Round Side Table

The Berlin Mirrored and Black Round Side Table is filled with elegance and innovation as the black color gives it class while the mirror on the top makes it look luxuriou..


Chemy Mirrored Round Side Table

Chemy Mirrored Round Side Table is a simple, classic style lamp table in the Living room or in the bedroom as a bedside table. It has a stunning look that features items ..


Berlin Mirrored & Black Console Table

The Berlin Mirrored and Black Console Table is jam packed with elegance and luxury as the mirror complemented with black color makes it a classy piece of art to have. The..