Agate Round Coffee Table -Brass or Nickel Metal Frame

Bid adieu to mismatched coffee tables and boring interior décor; our agate coffee table is all the elegance you need around your living room or your business to set a statement.

Ergonomic design:
The Agate coffee table has a circular design to keep it from shuddering and quivering. The agate slab is perfectly smoothened to resist injuries and allows a large surface area for a perfect coffee layout.

Elegance guaranteed:
The coffee table is an elegant addition to your business and domestic life. The stainless-steel frame promises longevity, while the natural agate keeps stains and cracks at bay.

Table Features:

  • COFFEE TABLE – The luxury coffee table is a product of natural agate crystalline with a circular frame that brings elegance to the interior of offices, homes, bars and business places.
  • ANTI-SHUDDER FRAME- The frame of the coffee table is made of nickel or brass. Its circular design makes it highly stable and resists shuddering.
  • NATURAL AGATE- The coffee table comes with a highly polished, hand-ground agate slab. The natural agate is a semi-precious, translucent variety of microcrystalline quartz used for luxury furniture.
  • MEASUREMENTS- The table has standardized measurements to fit anywhere. The frame has the width of 73cm, the height of 45cm while the slab has the diameter of 73cm.
  • MULTIPLE COLORS- The agate occurs in natural hues of black, blue and white. The colours may vary depending on the deposition of agate in its natural form.
Dia 73 cm
Height 45 cm

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Agate Round Coffee Table -Brass or Nickel Metal Frame

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