Noguchi Style Glass Top Coffee Table

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Noguchi Style Coffee Table

Bringing life back into a historic piece of past gives a new ray of light to the present which represents that our roots are the ones that still hold us firm and motivate us to do even better than the ones before us. We learn from their experiences, ideas, thoughts, projects, mistakes, innovations, inventions and know exactly how to turn that motivation from within into a new piece of art. Recreation is an art in itself. Vintage and rustic pieces always keep things warm and fresh and what can be better than a warm and fresh feel for your home? We always try to follow into our ancestor's footsteps because we adore their achievements and are so impressed with what they had created that we try to do the same things that they had done in hope of achieving what they were once capable of. We as a company believe that we learn from our teachers, from our scholars, from the people who came before us and created magic! We are a thriving set up who is determined to stay connected to our roots and never let the magic of the past to die. In an attempt to do so we came up with this idea of recreation of a historic piece of furniture of the past which was innovatively designed and assembled by Isamu Noguchi (1904-1988).

Natural Wood Colour Frame

Isamu Noguchi is one of the names from the great artist of the past who never failed to amaze the world with his creations and art. His inventions and ideas have always been unique and God gifted as if they carried a magical spark which would hold the stare of anyone who laid eyes on them. His art is his legacy and we have taken our step to carry on his legacy by recreating his ingenious design of the glass top coffee table. Noguchi always had an inner meaning to his art pieces and would always create something bold and high-relief out of nothing which has impressed us the most. This avant-garde model of a glass coffee table caught our breath when we analyzed its delicacy, complexity and yet simplicity at the same time! This glass top coffee table is an unorthodox piece of furniture which has simply been reduced to the use of basic elements to let their true nature be exposed while emphasizing the grace, delicacy and yet the luxury of simpler forms. Noguchi created the first version of this emblematic table in 1939 for A. Conger Goodyear, the founder of New York’s Museum of the Modern Art and later a similar version was designed by Noguchi for Herman Miller for his collection, which is today being widely sold by Herman Miller, Inc.

Black Gloss Wood Frame

We have tried to adapt to this concept of re-birth and have created this Noguchi style glass top coffee table to make a statement about the modernity of vintage designs and styles. WOW is just a word when it comes to the layout of this modern coffee table where two smoothly shaped pieces of wood have been intricately interlocked to produce a tripod which is supporting a glass top. This interwoven structure teaches us the importance of existing together and dependency which is a simple concept of putting two supports together to keep it all running and let it not fall. The take-home lesson is that when one of the supports pulls away, it is the whole structure that collapses. As I stated, Noguchi never failed to leave a message behind in his art as he said that, "Sculpture can be a vital force in our everyday life if projected into communal usefulness." Our recreation of this divine piece of furniture effortlessly combines the concept of modern style with retro style. As the saying goes, everything that is old is new again. This Noguchi style glass top coffee table of ours will also bring the golden rustic touch to our customers new living spaces and give them a re-birth. One can easily play around with furniture and with a coffee table so discrete and unique, our customers can effortlessly impress the guests with their idea of living the modern life with the warmth of the past. Without generalizing the remarkably diverse filed of furniture pieces across the world and time, we could say that this Noguchi style coffee with glass top is best known for its use of sculptural, abstract, organic and rich design. 

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