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Sitting in your office chair and thinking about when will I get out of this uncomfortable chair, get home, put my accessories on the console table as I enter, leave my files on the bedside table, make my way to the living room, lay my legs on the coffee table and voila! Isn’t that euphoric? Well, that’s a lot of tables but what fun is there in not having them around? I mean, have you ever wondered what would the life be without tables in it? Sounds completely absurd. Tables are important to a home as my significant other is to me. “You’re the table on my sofa.” Best pickup line ever, isn’t it?
Want to complete that perfect living room look with that accent table? Or want to make your friends jealous of your new cabinet in your bedroom? Or want to work late at night Tesla style with that new lamp table? Or maybe just want a coffee table for Netflix and chill? Well, you’ve landed to the perfect place my friends! 

A trend that we’ve seen a lot this year has been for the diverse accent tables, certainly, this trend is not going anywhere any time soon I suppose, and it has a good reason for that, these tables are antique, unique and give a wonderful luxe feel to space. Pair these tables with living room sofas, a golden vase and some fresh flowers and there you have the minimally perfected space.
Oh, so you love pottery? That can not be any better! You can have a perfect accent table in your living room or guest room and design it up with your favourite pieces of pottery. Get vintage feels yet?
Does wait want to modernize it up? Well just give it a dramatic makeover with your luxe ornaments and there! Your home looks just like a Hollywood style house.

Coffee tables come in handy. They are like the head of the house that holds all of it together for the rest of the members. Can you imagine a living room with no coffee table? Not at all, they are the centre of attention in any living space. Well if you can, that won’t be a living room anymore. I think of coffee tables as my assistant. Want to put my keys? Hold it for me, my coffee table. Want to put my laptop? There you go again. Want to relax on that sofa, the perfectly placed coffee table is right there to lay my legs on.
The material of a coffee table plays an important role in its making. There are different types of coffee tables based on material - wooden table, a glass table, a steel table, a marble table, a plastic table. One should be careful about choosing the material because it can affect the look and feel of the living space to a great extent. A glass table gives an impression of luxury whereas choosing a wooden table will give your home a casual look.
The detailing on a coffee table can catch one’s attention and make the table and thereby your interior space look a lot more alluring. There could be pattern detailing or even an intricate work on its wooden legs will make it a focal point of any space.

Your bedroom is the first impression of your personality. It should have just enough furniture and decor to it as too less or too much can be a total turn off. Among all the furniture pieces that you decorate your bedroom with, the bedside tables are the centrepieces of your bedroom and can help make or break its look. These may be the most versatile component of your furniture. Lamps, laptops, cups, chargers, books, cellphones and everything in-between winds up on the side table all the time. So, having a stylish bedside table is important for a bedroom not just to spruce up its interior, but also to keep your belongings in place. 
The bedside tables come in a diversity of designs and material. They are wooden, glass, metal, plastic or marble and come in any shape that you want for complementing your bed. The most traditional of which is a wooden bedside table, keeping it all minimal and simple. The wooden bedside tables also come with a set of drawers, and this extra storage space serves as a plus factor for your personal belongings to be placed in. Whatever may be the design of a wooden bedside table, it is the most neutral of the tables that can blend in with any theme of the bedroom. It is more like an all-rounder!

Guess what is the often overlooked and forgotten feature of any room? Yes, right the lamp tables! They may not be the need of the house but they add extra style and luxe to your room’s look. If you’re looking for something unique to serve as the focal point of your living or bed space, you should know what makes mid-century modern, the style that it presently is. With the right furniture, you achieve a high level of satisfaction because you create an atmosphere of peace and calm for your home. The lamp table styles can range from traditional to modern to luxe. And what not can these tables handle on them? From your lamp to a vase to an ornament, these tables can hold any piece with delicacy. Setting the lamp on the table right, you can ace those career or office goals in the light right! A three-legged lamp table is the new in-home trend, tri is the new high! Sometimes, the smallest pieces of the furniture can have the greatest impact and that’s certainly true for the lamp tables. Adding a mirrored lamp table not only makes it have all the practicalities of a table but it also reflects light, so place a lamp on top and bask for that extra light and glow.
Work hard until the lamplight of your lamp table becomes the spotlight of your stage! as the lamp tables were the earliest ones to witness the evolution of some of the greatest ideas of the times. 

The hallway leading to the living space, furnished with the chic console table place in the right entrance spot, is the royal reception any house can have. Add a regal and royal feel to your home and let your guests feel like a King or Queen when welcomed with a console table in the hallway. Whether you want to display your vase of flowers or a mini tree, placing them on a console table can be a good way to show off your green-fingered abilities and it also lifts the overall look. If you want to bring out the colour of your room walls, a contrast console table will highlight the back wall in the most intricate way possible. The addition of just a console table will boost up the look of your room and make it look professionally designed. With just a little imagination the console tables can become pretty much anything you want and can be assorted in different ways. A console table can be a show stopper for your place!
Fond of reading books? Or just want to design it up to give your room a modern and nerdy look? Well, I have a simple answer to all the questions, a console table! Yes, you heard that right. A console table can be converted into a bookshelf/table and toned up with your unique collection of books placed in contrast. 
Floral console tables made out of marble with fine and clean edges are the chic modern addition to any living place. For a small corner or a sitting area, a floral console table can just be the ticket. It can be an absolute game-changer for your house.

Who doesn’t like mirrors in the room? They are the actual reflection of a person and so can be your dressing table; an absolute reflection of your personality. Well, ladies! dressing up is the new game in town. Getting dressed up in front of your celebrity dressing table gives you the right amount of confidence to take your model walk right down your way. Feeling more like Angelina Jolie? Look like one too, with the addition of the right dressing table to your room. Sophia Loren did say right,” At the dressing table every woman has a chance to be an artist, and art, as Aristotle said, complete what nature has left unfinished.” The joy of dressing is surely an art. 
But whatever may be the reasons, investing in a unique dressing table is the easiest way of making your bedroom into a chic and sexy boudoir. The dressing tables offer a lot of space to stack up against your makeup and accessories. They also come in with drawers and cabinets, that help to store up the bulk amount of your belongings making it less messy for the outside. Dressing tables are the latest addition to the contemporary designs of bedrooms, once gone in the past have now emerged with newer designs and styles.

Flexibility is the new demand of the industry and nesting tables are an innovative product of that demand. They come in handy, occupy small space, can easily be stacked in and out according to the need of time. They have a multi-purpose use that can be displayed together or arranged separately so they do earn points for practicality. There is a diverse variety of nesting tables made from different materials including wood, bamboo, glass, acrylic, leather or steel. They are the perfect option for displaying your collectables or showcasing the ornaments. With small places you don’t want to make your space look crowded or suffocating to the guests, your saviour here is the double-duty furniture that can easily be moved out of place and still look maintained. Nesting tables add an element of fun to your overall look of the room, it is just like a bud blooming into a flower which is awestruck. Once caught in its elegant beauty and diverse functionality it’s hard to get rid of them. A set of nesting table can be used creatively to create an impromptu coffee table to complement your room. The wooden set of nesting tables complements the rustic and country look the best. 
If you want to add an element of organization to your bathroom, nesting tables are up for the job. They occupy the least space and provide the most accommodation. Stack up all your towels and shower products being space thrifty. Put your cell phone on the table, turn on the music and enjoy your bath! After all, it’s all about fun with style.

Who doesn’t want to eat with style or mark an impression on the guests by serving them on the exquisite piece of dining table in their home? The dining table is always the centre of all the celebrations every season and occasion brings! The dining tables come in all the different styles and designs. You can go all rustic and country with the farmhouse style. The pedestal dining tables look all smart and stylish sitting in your dining area. Or you can go all contemporary with the parsons dining table and style it up to match the vibe of your room. If you are fond of gathering your friends, family and colleagues for a night full of drinking and eating, then you should lay your hands on the trestle dining table. 
The dining tables offer plenty of room for the guests so there is no worrying overcoming short of space. Keep in touch with your family and friends by having them over for dinner or lunch, don’t worry your dining table has got your back! Or you can get romantic, light up a set of candles on the dining table and celebrate by having a candlelight dinner with your partner with ease and comfort at your own home!







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