Urban Chic Furniture

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Urban Chic Furniture

Azura Furniture’s range of reclaimed furniture, packed with rustic character and charm!

Rustic farmhouse furniture is much more than a ‘trend’ that’s grown in popularity in recent years; it’s a style of décor that’s been around for decades. That said it has been modernised somewhat, and when people wish to add industrial, farmhouse or country furniture to their room, it’s very likely that they’re referring to recycled furniture that’s inspired by a mix of country and urban – just like our Urban Chic furniture range. Whether you’re interested in creating a warm and welcoming room with a farmhouse coffee table, bookcase or sideboard, you’ll likely find everything you could possibly need below. 

Over-forestation has led to there being fewer trees in the world’s woods, forests and jungles, but one of the best ways in which you can play your part in helping the environment is by preserving what’s left, and choosing reclaimed wood furniture for your home. Our Urban Chic furniture has been specially created to recycle old wood, preventing the need for further trees to be axed down. As you browse our many products below you’ll notice there is one consistent style throughout the range, and this is because the wood has been salvaged from several locations within close proximity to one another, such as Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Southern India. The wood used to manufacture this colourful furniture can range between 50 and 150 years old, whilst each and every item in our Urban Chic range has been handmade by highly skilled artisan craftsmen. 

The rustic look has certainly proven to be more than a trend in home design and it’s an incredibly versatile style that complements modern and traditional features. So whether you’re keen to add warmness to your minimalistic apartment in the city, or intensify the charisma in your quaint country cottage, Azura Furniture is confident you’ll find everything you could possibly need in this stunning collection.